George M.

Dr. Ives and his wonderful staff are exceptional in every way. Every aspect of my surgical procedure went well ….. almost no discomfort throughout the entire procedure and almost none post operatively. Dr. Ives and staff are true professionals in every way and I am very happy with the entire experience. I can without reservation recommend the Laser Vein Center of Alaska to anyone who needs vein surgery. Bottom line for me is that my legs look totally normal now and the symptoms of varicose veins are totally gone! Couldn’t ask for any more!

David K.

I had all the varying techniques for varicose vein reduction done. Dr. Ives performed all of the procedures. I have less leg fatigue, more than likely better blood circulation. At the completion of each session you are required to walk on one of the available treadmill machines for a period of time. You can watch TV or enjoy the spectacular view. The procedure is virtually painless (some pin pricks) and I highly recommend it for overall better leg health and for some, more attractive legs.

Jennifer – Leg Pain Kept Her Awake at Night

Elizabeth – Heavy Legs After Working All Day

Pattie M.

The Laser Vein Center of Alaska has been one of the most professional, friendly, helpful teams of medical professionals I could have hoped for. Dr Ives was patient and answered all of my questions and explained all procedures thoroughly. I have recommended them to many people. Through feedback, It is nice to know they don’t recommend surgery if you don’t really need it.