Receptionist / Admin Lead

Alisha has a background working as Administrative Assistance along with Receptionist over the last 8 years. She is the Administrative Assistant Lead here at the Laser Vein Center of Alaska. Alisha grew up in Valdez Alaska moving to Anchorage in 2001. She’s a life long Alaskan. She loves the outdoors, and spending time with her family.

Medical Assistant

Sharlene attended the University of Alaska Anchorage and graduated in 2013. She obtained her Medical Assisting degree in Associates of Applied Science and has also recently decided to go back to school to pursue a bachelors degree in Nursing. Sharlene was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and although she is a life long Alaskan, she sticks to her Filipino roots. On her spare time, she enjoys fishing, camping and four-wheeling every summer with her family.

Medical Assistant

Nicole was born and raised in Alaska as a Polish-American. She graduated from Career Academy in 2010 for medical assisting and has worked in the medical field since. Nicole is a huge animal lover and very family oriented. If there was one place in the world Nicole could travel to, it would be to Hawaii since she seems to be the only Alaskan who hasn’t visited.


Erin is a recent transplant from Washington, she enjoys her time spent hiking with her dog and exploring Alaska. She graduated from Spokane Community College with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Vascular Technology and is an ARDMS certified, Registered Vascular Technologist. She is also a member of the American College of Phlebology and Society for Vascular Ultrasound.


Sonographer / Medical Assistant

Born and raised in California, Roxanne found her new home here in Alaska. She received her degree in ultrasound and had previous training background in nursing. She is planning to pursue a second career to become a registered nurse while keeping her ultrasound career. Roxanne is an adrenaline junkie and loves to do anything from traveling to skydiving.


Kerry Turnbow has over 25 years of administrative experience.  He holds five degrees (business, speech communication, counseling, divinity and theology) and has training and experience in:  business management, personnel/human resource management, and organizational development.  He is passionate about education and personal growth serving as an adjunct professor of Psychology for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and is a Certified Life Coach.


Marcia received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 1988. She enjoyed the nursing profession and appreciates her medical background in tackling the tasks of bookkeeping for our practice.