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Graduated compression stockings remain an essential element of prevention, treatment and follow-up for individuals with lower extremity venous reflux. Just as there has been a revolution in the treatment options for painful varicose veins, so has there been a revolution in the quality of compression hosiery. Manufacturers are currently marketing soft, stylish, therapeutic stockings that look like normal dress hose and sport stockings. A plethora of styles, colors and sizes are readily available in excellent quality and our staff at the Laser Vein Center has been specially trained to equip you with the best stockings for your individual needs.

Why Compression Therapy?

Graduated compression stockings conveniently maintain therapeutic pressure on the superficial veins while allowing ambulation. Compression stockings provide external pressure to the vein walls and work in conjunction with the calf muscle pump to assist the veins in returning blood to the heart. Support stockings apply the greatest pressure at the ankle and calf, gradually decreasing in pressure further up the leg. This action reduces pooling in the veins and may reduce some associated symptoms of pain and swelling. The sooner patients can be fitted and start wearing compression stockings, the better. Besides helping to reduce leg pain and swelling, most insurance companies are now requiring a three month trial of conservative therapy prior to preauthorization for vein treatment.

How is Compression Measured and Which Is Right For Me?

Compression is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The amount of compression is based on the pressure exerted at the ankle, where the compression is the greatest. At The Laser Vein Center, our providers most commonly prescribe 20/30 mmHg or 30/40mmHg compression for patients with venous reflux. The compression recommended for you will vary according to your individual condition, location of varicosities, body type and treatment protocol. Our professional staff will be happy to measure and assist you in attaining the proper stockings for your individual needs.